Specialist provision to help every child fulfil their potential

Every young person is on a different journey.

Some face tough circumstances or personal problems. Issues such as mental health, wellbeing, bereavement or family problems can stand in the way of engagement and success at school.

Zenith Minds helps young people bridge that gap between services, it is based at a dedicated provision. It offers child-centred support for pupils from all Zenith Multi Academy Trust schools. Specialist provision is tailored to help each individual achieve the best possible outcomes.

As parents and teachers, we want to help each young person thrive. This website shows you how Zenith Minds works, who it is for and how pupils can access this potentially life-changing provision.

Ethos and vision

Our vision is to enhance the life chances of every young person, help them fulfil our potential and achieve the best possible outcomes.

Our ethos is child-centred, putting the wishes, needs and best interest of each child at the heart of all we do.

What we do

Zenith Minds offers specialist provision for young people who need extra support to thrive. There are many reasons why they may need this, including mental health, safety and wellbeing issues.

How young people are referred When school staff refer a pupil to us, we assess their circumstances and needs. If the young person is likely to benefit from the provision, they can access it within two weeks of referral.
How support is given Each child’s provision is shaped to their own needs. Much of it is provided via our welcoming, positive, calm and supportive environment. Zenith Minds can also provide additional support within a pupil’s existing school, or create a plan that includes provision both at their own school and at our specialist provision.
What does specialist support involve? Support is designed to meet each individual young person’s needs. It involves partnership between Zenith Minds, the pupil’s school and their family or carers, plus relevant external services and agencies. The latter might include educational psychologists and counsellors. Permanent Zenith Minds staff include a Student Welfare Officer, Zenith Minds Support Assistant and Family Support Worker.

Our Services

The service provided by Zenith Minds will vary from pupil to pupil. Some will attend our support provision for the whole day, others for part of it or a number of pupils will combine time at their own school.

The support we offer can include:

  • Support Packages

    Bespoke support packages for pupils.
  • Bridging the Gap

    Opportunities to bridge the gap between services available.
  • Child-centered approach

    A child-centered approach that ensures at all times the needs and best interest of the child are paramount.
  • Expert Advice

    Advice, guidance and consultation to staff, parents and families.

Meet the Team


Tammy Nicholls BSc (Hons), SLE, DSL-MH
Working for Zenith Multi Academy Trust as Director of Zenith Minds with experience in school pastoral development, safeguarding and mental health. Tammy has a track record of significantly improving pastoral systems, attendance and the progress of disadvantage students. She is an experienced Leader of Education overseeing school improvement across all of our schools and the teaching school alliance.





Zenith Minds Provision Manager

Maria Hill Ba (Hons) Therapeutic Communications and Therapeutic Organisations

Maria has worked extensively with Adults, Young People and Children in Education and family support services for 25 years gaining a wide understanding and appreciation of the many difficulties and issues that individuals experience in their lives and how they can impact on a person’s emotional wellbeing and mental health. Maria is a qualified and experienced integrative counsellor, supervisor and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. She has also been awarded the bacp certificate of proficiency and undertaken Mental Health First Aid Training both for adults and young people and is a member of the bacp. 

Zenith Minds Support Assistant

Work with relevant staff to ensure a clear focus on student academic progress and success. Equipping students with the behaviours and attitudes to ensure they are successful. Provide appropriate intervention to remove the educational barriers to learning and progress.


Student Welfare Officer

Have close working relationships with Pastoral teams (including attendance and behaviour) and SEN to ensure students are referred, monitored and re-integrated effectively. Provide social, emotional, mental health and educational support to ensure a holistic approach to support. Work closely with external agencies and families.


Family Support Worker

Work extensively with children and families, offering a supportive and non-judgmental service. Deliver workshops, mediation and impartial home school liaison to support their needs. Be an advocate for parents and families to support their broader needs, liaising with relevant external agencies to seek further support as required.













Referring a young person to zenith minds

  • Step One

    A students need for support is identified via the school safeguarding and pastoral teams.
  • Step Two

    A referral is made to Zenith Minds if the school deems that additional bespoke support is needed.
  • Step Three

    The Zenith Minds team works with the young person, the school and their family to agree an appropriate course of action.
  • Step Four

    Zenith Minds engages with all involved and works closely with the school, student and their family to give them the support they need to become able and confident to thrive in their own school.

Support for Students & Parents

If you are a young person or parent who is looking for extra help and support,
these links may help you find the resources you need.

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